The flowers adorning the labels

All La Bri wines have a unique Cape flower on the label, with the exception of the Syrah, which appropriately features herbs.

Clivia miniata – Yellow Clivia


Clivia – This flower is named after the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Charlotte Clive, who first cultivated and flowered the type specimen in England.

The world's love affair with South Africa's Clivia began in the 1800s when specimens were sent back to England. In Victorian times this beautiful plant was very popular for indoor use in England and Europe. The discovery of the yellow flowered Clivia miniata (C. miniata var. citrina) in the late 1800s fuelled an interest which still persists today.

The bright yellow colour of the Clivia is synonymous with a lively chardonnay that has wonderful floral notes on the nose.

Ixia viridiflora - Green Ixia


One of the most striking and unusual flowers of our Cape is the Ixia viridiflora, one of the winter rainfall bulbous plants. Very few plants can beat it because of the sheer brilliance of its flower. It is an extremely rare, unique and difficult plant to grow that offers much satisfaction when grown successfully.

This flower is much like a viognier, fairly rare and completely unique, depending on the style of winemaking and approach to making this wine.

Geissorhiza radians - Wine Cup


Geissorhiza is a large genus of 84 species with small to medium corm bearing plants in the Iridaceae family found in the winter rainfall region of the south and west coasts of southern Africa. Many of them make very handsome container plants and benefit from extra water during growth. Geissorhiza radians is one of the most sought after flowering plants in the genus. During spring, it grows up to 15cm tall and has very attractive deep blue flowers with red centres.

The Wine Cup is the core flower for representing the core wine of our range, the Affinity Blend. The Affinity is a very bold and complex wine, much like the Wine Cup, which too is bold and complex.

Herbae – Herbs


A Syrah co-fermentation blend is known to create powerfully perfumed aromas of fennel, thyme, rosemary, violet and oregano, much like one would experience whilst strolling through an herb garden.

Amaryllis belladonna - March Lily


The March Lily is an extremely beautiful and elegant, pink flower that appears naturally around the Cape. The cultivar Merlot is also linked to being an elegant, refined and feminine wine.

The amaryllis is named after a beautiful shepherdess, and the specific epithet belladonna means beautiful lady.

The common name belladonna originates from its historic use by women. Drops prepared from the belladonna plant were used to dilate women's pupils, an effect considered attractive.

Watsonia alba - White Watsonia

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Watsonia alba is a very striking plant, with attractive foliage and gorgeous spikes of cup-shaped white flowers.

The flowering season lasts for about 4 weeks during spring, through to early summer (September to November).

Cabernet Sauvignon is a very pure and powerful wine, much like the Watsonia alba.

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